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I am Dilshan Abeygunawardana.
and this is my website...aah..blog. well, Potayo, potahto.
long story short, i have over 50 sub domains so i'm stuck with blogger since 2009 so bear with me.

"Who the hell are you?" well, I'm glad you asked.
Most of people know me as that crazy youtuber who does and post what ever the fuck he wants, I also made some PC games, painted some arts, won about 70 awards and certificates locally including an e-swabhimani and internationally. By the way here is a paper article about them. Featured on national TV and papers several times too.

Also I'm a new breed of Liberal-Socialist-Athiest so boo-hoo deal with it !
I live by the code 'be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity' so I tend do my best to help others, you can check my charity work at
helpsrilankans.com. Since over hundred thousand people follow me on social media i always try to encourage others to follow this path too.

I am a full time Strategic Solutions Supplier which means I find business opportunities in places where others don't. Since i am a uhm, kind of a "influncer", i work with companies to promote thier stuff and i have worked with Dialog, Bokksu Japan, Dresslily UK, Tokyo Treat, Banggood, Dodocool, Funyroot, GearBest, TomTop, SurfEdge, R-Factory, Wondershare, 5mmo, Blitzwolf, FamiSafe, chocolate.lk etc.

well, that's about it. If you want to contact me, email me at dilshanzmail@gmail.com

peace !

About me

I am W.D.Dilshan Malith Sachintha Abeygunawardana.
I’m 22 years old and almost 6 feet tall.
Currently i am the founder of DilshanAbey Labs, Royal Academy and co-founder of iGems and iCom.

I am a big fan of TopGear, GTA, Crysis, Austin Martins, Hummers, Ducati, Sherlock, Two and Half Men and House MD.
Both my Political and Religious views are highly debatable so lets just skip those two.

I have Won over 60 Certificates,Medals & Cups in Art including 2 times 3rd place from International Children’s Art Exhibition,
1st Place from several Island Wide Art Competitions , featured in Telecom directory and Calenders.Won Certificates in IT field on digital content creation including Certificate of Appreciation from Presidential Secretariat & ICTA.
Got shortlisted on Manthan Award (South Asian Competition in recognition of exceptional digital content creation) and got invited to India to participate in Award Ceremony.
Won Awards from Brothersoft, Freewaregeeks and Provincial IT competitions.Wrote articles for Digital Magazines like ROO.

Created Sri Lanka’s 3rd 3D video game, 2nd Video game based on SL Army, 1st Sri lankan Horror 3D Game, Sri Lanka’s 1st Sinhala Chatbot+AI.Digital content creation were published in Digital Magazines for years.Was the President in School IT club.

I had 2 tv interviews, one when i was in grade 5 on Rupwawahani and one on Sirasa Smart show on my Android mobile game developing.
did cources on Linux and Network Administration in Colombo University of Computing , Certified Ethical Hacking Course,Hacking Forensic Investigator course, Red Hat Certified Engineer Course, Network +, CCNP, Few crash courses in Java Scripting, Android Application Development, HTML , C# and C++.
Additional Courses : Psychology (UC Berkeley), Philosophy (TTC), Economist (TTC)
Gemology course at SL Gem Authority.
mm..that's it then.

5 Blog.Dilshan.me: About me I am W.D.Dilshan Malith Sachintha Abeygunawardana. I’m 22 years old and almost 6 feet tall. Currently i am the founder of DilshanAbey ...